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Johnston Residence – landscape

The Johnston Residence is classic property in Battery Point, Hobart. The client had recently purchased the property and wanted to complete a full redevelopment of the property (inside and out). The landscape design refreshed existing features like the period fencing and structured pathways but added modern decking […]

Jones Residence – landscape

The Jones Residence was second generation garden renovation, following facade improvements to the dwelling.  A tired old garden was removed and upgraded to suit the modern new look of the house. I designed this project (during a period of consulting under my own name) and […]

Haverhoek Residence – landscape

The Haverhoek Residence was a challenging site within a new residential development. The property offers water access to the River Murray via a level change of 5 vertical meters. I designed this project (during a period of consulting under my own name) and project managed […]

Nesbit Residence – landscape

The Nesbit Residence is cute little courtyard design, for a new house in Adelaide. I designed and built every aspect of this little project. The design includes a deck, exposed aggregate walkways, drainage, fencing, paving and mature planting.

Crewe Residence – landscape

The Crewe Residence is modern little courtyard design, for an existing house in Adelaide. A major component of the design is the new concrete block fence with timber screen inserts.  Images show before and after the fence construction, and concepts of the design options.  This […]