Boost AI – website mock-up


Click this link to view mock-up of BoostAI web site

boost temp

Introduction: website mock-up

When considering graphic design, Boost AI has a strong graphic style, corporate image, color palette, icons, and media.  However, the web site lands on a news article which is written from the perspective that readers have visited the website previously.  This is confusing for new customers and they must scroll down five positions to understand what Boost AI does or slide the image across to the second article.

Mock-up strategy: a new landing experience

The mockup changes the landing page experience. The objective is to introduce clients to the product (James) immediately after landing on the page and promptly demonstrate the functionality and strengths of the product.

The key objectives of the mock-up are as follows:

  1. Shuffle the order of the current website, to demonstrate the product summary at eye level upon arrival (currently position 5 in the home page).  This provides visitors with an executive summary of the product, without having to search or click.
  2. Introduce a simple animated demonstration of James when first arriving at the landing page. This provides new visitors with an immediate understanding of the product.
  3. Add a working version of James to our webpage.  This is not only extra product marketing but also a live demonstration of the product and demonstration that we believe in our product.
  4. Reduce dark colors. Although there is subtle, technical meaning to the dark blue “neural web” background image, the dark image is overwhelming and confusing.  A simple mix of light corporate colors creates a feeling of warmth and sophistication.


With these techniques, the strengths and hallmarks of the company are expressed immediately upon landing in their digital domain. New clients are able to understand the product promptly and without scrolling or clicking through the page.  Also, we demonstrate our belief in the product but implementing James within our own digital domain.